Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Just LOVE Workin' Those Fine Motors!!

Fine motor skills are so very important at this age!! Pencil grip is one of the first things I look at during that first week of school!! Scissor grip is another one that can be tricky!! Let me tell you...these littles can come up with some pretty creative ways to hold their pencils and scissors!!! Sometimes I think they are making it harder on themselves by holding writing utensils so caddywhompus!! They can really twist their little hands into pretzels and I think How on earth can you cut/write like that??? 

Something that I incorprate into my literacy centers every day is fine motor.  This can be with playdough, beads and pipecleaners, tweezers for transferring or legos.  However, since we are further into the year and we are working on our sight words I have created a center that uses fine motor skills and gets them reading as well.  Here are some of my favorite tools for fine motor.  Both pairs of blue tweezers are from Lakeshore Learning.  Very durable and easy to use! I also use items as simple as clothespins and tongs from my favorite store...Dollar Tree! 

Here is a sample of what we do with our sight word cards for literacy centers.  I provide them with different items to place on the cards.  You are only limited by your imagination! I have used beans, popcorn kernels, pom poms, glass gems, and holiday or themed beads.  I also use play dough with these cards.  They simply roll a long "snake" and use the play dough to build the word directly on the card.  

If you would like a copy of my All purpose Fine Motor cards click below and you will find it at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers!! 

I hope you find these products useful!! Until next time!!! 

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