Monday, February 2, 2015

We are 100 Days Smarter!!!!

Well, we made it!! We are at the 100th day of school and are so close to first grade!! YIKES! We had so much fun this week.  I used to do 100th day only on 100th day....then I realized there were WAY too many cool fun activities out there to do so I stretch it out over the whole week! and why not?? 100th day is kind of a big deal!!
Here are some of the activities we engaged in over this week.  Now, I am 100% positive these are NOT original ideas!! How did we teach before Pinterest, TpT, and blogs??? I love love love all of the available resources teachers have out there for other teachers!! It really is life saving at times, right?? Ok, here we go...
For the Library corner it was difficult to find several 100th day books, so I added books that we about school as well.  Since we were studying 100 days of school I thought it was completely perfect!! They love walking in and seeing what new surprises are in the library corner!! 

Dramatic play, anyone??? If you read my previous post on play in the classroom you know that I am passionate about dramatic play!! It is my favorite center to plan, can you tell?? I simply tossed together some "teacher" things that I wasn't currently using and I had a great little classroom! If 5 year old me could have walked into kindergarten to this as a center she would have had a smile on her face for a week!!!! This was a very popular center this week...everyone wants to be the boss  teacher!! 

I love Dollar General , Dollar Tree, any store with the word dollar in it has MY attention!! Putting together this 100 piece puzzle with my littles was pretty exhilarating!!! and I was a bit obsessed to get it finished before PE!!

Sensory table this week was pom poms and a muffin tin with the numbers to count to 120 by tens.  Using the tweezers they would count ten pom pom and place them in each compartment.... and then "sell" me the "cookies" for $1.00 each :) 

Race to 100! Easy Peasy to put together!! copies of 100 chart inside plastic sleeves, beans for counters and foam dice.  They would roll the dice and place that many beans on the chart.  First one to 100 wins!! 

OH MY GRAVY!!! Talk about a HIT!!! they love, love, LOVE building cup castles!!!!! Giggles and screams galore!!!! 100 cups from the dollar store, of course, and you can make some kids SUPER happy!!!! 

Building structures with 100 marshmallows and toothpicks.  DISCLAIMER: I did not count out 400 marshmallows and 400 toothpicks (since there are 4 people at this center) so I cheated a little and put a bag of marshmallows in a pan and 2 bowls of toothpicks on the table.  But the amazing contraptions they built were genius!!! 

Our 100th day hats...nothing fancy, just FABULOUS!!!

100th day snack ideas!! I used to do the "Count out 100 snacks at home and bring them in for a 100th day party mix" activity.... and then, I really, really thought about it and I realized that was kinda risky with all those pesky germs out there, so I had a new plan of action!! I have 10 parents send a different snack and it goes as follows.  FIRST we all wash our hands and tables!! Everyone has a 100th day mat that I made out of construction paper and laminated.  There are 10 circles in 10 different colors on the mats.  I then put each snack in a small Styrofoam bowl and place it in their tables.  So each table will have 10 bowls.  I then instruct them on how to count their snacks out of the bowl and if you touch the fruit loop, then it is YOUR fruit loop because it has YOUR germs!! I realize there is still a possibility to spread germs...however, it is GREATLY reduced when there are only a few hands reaching into that bowl instead of 23!!! After they count 10 of each snack and their mat is complete I give them an empty bowl and they are ready to snack away!! I love this activity and they do too!!! Here's what we used for our snack this year: animal crackers, fruit loops, Oops berries cereal, Cheeze-Its, chocolate chips, marshmallows, mini MnMs, pretzles, goldfish, and Cookie Crisp!! 

I mean, come on!!! Can they be any cuter doing this in their cute little hats?!?!

I love how careful they are to place each snack inside the circles!! 

So, there you have it!!! Our 100 days of school week is complete!!! Stick a fork in me because I.  AM.  DONE!!! It's exhausting, but I love it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

100 down....only 75 to go!!!!

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